In Hungary, Chizuru had called him there for his assistance after Iori found a weakened Orochi and seal it together once again. His eccentric and uncommon fighting style surprised some of the staff, and they humorously wondered if they should add a supernatural quality in his character history. Elisabeth did not appear in the arcade version of The King of Fighters XII, but was added as one of two characters exclusive to the home release of the game. Both K9999 and Angel haven't been heard from since. Su-38 Slamhound: a Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigade support fighter in EndWar VF-0 Phoenix: from the Macross Zero anime sci-fi series; Vic Viper: the protagonist jet fighter in the video game Gradius. After pleading to the Sakazaki family to enter the tournament to win the prize money, they agreed to help Robert and his family (in reality, Takuma wanted to win the prize money for himself to help with the family's dojo). After his defeat by Rugal, he is brainwashed by his secretary Vice to fight his son, Kyo. [66] Unlike his clone, Zero is extremely loyal to the NESTS syndicate, and was disgusted to learn of his clone's attempted coup d'état. He works as an underling for the demon Magaki, and seems knowledgeable about the workings of Orochi. Adel is a boss character from The King of Fighters 2003, as well as a secret and mid-boss for The King of Fighters XI. The group is composed of a young Swedish boy named Chris (クリス, Kurisu), a beautiful but shady Frenchwoman named Shermie (シェルミー, Sherumī) and a 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) tall Japanese guitar player named Yashiro Nanakase (七枷 社, Nanakase Yashiro). But it was the younger Henry who, filled with the fighting spirit these tournaments had fostered, sought to revive a real interest in war. They are mysterious, and supposedly inhuman, warriors who want to get the power of the Orochi so that they can give it to their shrouded master. Before seeing Liccia in the hospital, Nelson stops by at his arm's manufacturer for a checkup, completely unaware that the scientists who gave him the cybernetic left arm were responsible for his accident, and are attempting to use him as a test subject for an unknown purpose. As Bao trains with them during the time between King of Fighters '97 and King of Fighters '99, Kensou gradually loses his powers, until they become obsolete. Developers wished to have a character with "the powerful image of a big, dark, middle-aged man with a Mohawk haircut". After parting ways with his new teammates, Kim thinks he might have been "too soft" on Chang and Choi, and to honor his new teammates and the struggles they went through, he intensifies Chang and Choi's strict training much to duo's displeasure. [70] Shion is an enigmatic character whose past is unknown. An Irish professional assassin who utilizes a card-based fighting style in attacking his opponents with razor-sharp cards, he was created as an older gentleman, and is an enigma to even the creators. Developers consider his moves to be comical compared to the seriousness of his image, especially when the move "Joker" is blocked or misses. When the team returns home from the tournament, they found Takuma laying facedown on the dojo floor, apparently after being assaulted by an unseen assailant. The team would make their return in The King of Fighters '98, though it is not canonical in the series, but rather for the purpose of a “dream match” as it features every character up to that point in the canon story-line. During the end of the final match, Kukri reveals that he is familiar with Verse, especially since half its power lies within Shun'ei. One of the first turbojet military aircraft, it pioneered the fighter-bomber concept for the jet age. On his father's suggestion, he convenes with Tung Fu Rue and Nakoruru to investigate, while entering the tournament with Benimaru and Goro as the Japan Team. However, after Magaki is defeated at the end of the tournament, Shion kills him and his whereabouts remain unknown. Leave it to the military. While Love Heart and Mui Mui are ready to return to their own worlds, Nakoruru instead decides to stay in the present universe to visit modern day Hokkaido and China, inviting her teammates to travel with her. [30] In the 2010 live-action film adaptation of The King of Fighters, Saisyu is played by Japanese actor Hiro Kanagawa. Field Marshal, Colonel-in-Chief, Colonel, Honorary Air Commodore, Air Commodore-in-Chief, Deputy Colonel-in-Chief, Royal Honorary Colonel, Royal Colonel, and Honorary Commodore of at least 32 military formations throughout the Commonwealth of Nations: Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The global crime syndicate was involved in the events behind the King of Fighters tournaments held between 1999 and 2001. [82], labelled the characters from the series as one of SNK's best creations, claiming that their appearances and quotations are all "cool"—although they commented some of the storylines are "nonsense". Saisyu Kusanagi (草薙 柴舟, Kusanagi Saishū) debuted in The King of Fighters '94 as a victim in Rugal's gallery of defeated fighters. An evil presence that is sensed across time and space, various fighters from the tournament join to stop him. His appearance was designed with the concept of petrification in mind. Even though influenced by Orochi, he sports the same messianistic attitude that aspires to bring about "salvation" expected from people of religious occupations. IGN sharply criticized the "terribly bad voice acting", calling it "truly piss-poor American dub work. During the ending, Saiki is defeated, but tries to use the time barrier to rewind time again and try his plot once more; Ash stands in his way and prevents his passage. Before the battle with Saiki in KOF XIII, Saiki drains fellow One From the Past Mukai of his power and transforms into a red demonic being. [83] The boss characters were criticized by multiple reviewers for being too difficult to defeat,[84] with Krizalid from The King of Fighters '99 being singled out as too powerful. One of her moves depicts her shooting her opponents with a Desert Eagle-like handgun. The other two recurring members of the team are the soldiers Ralf Jones and Clark Still, who were originally the player characters in Ikari Warriors and its sequels.[1]. In The King of Fighters '97, Chizuru hosts the tournament again but this time, requests to join the Women Team with Mai Shiranui and King, which they agree. The team is composed of Kula Diamond, named the "Anti-K" due to her ability of creating ice, Kula's guardian Foxy (フォクシー, Fokushī): an expert fencer who works alongside with Kula's second guardian and another expert fencer named Diana, Angel: a ditzy yet deadly Mexican female fighter, and K9999 (pronounced K Four-Nine), a clone from Kyo entirely based on Tetsuo Shima from Akira, able to transform his arm into a long tentacle like Tetsuo's. [44], Shen Woo (シェン・ウー, Shen Ū, Chinese: 神武; pinyin: Shén Wǔ; Shanghainese: Wu Chinese pronunciation: [z̥əɲ˨˧v̥v̩ʷ˦], lit. He was added to the cast with the desire to add a "somber and reliable middle-aged character" to counteract the introduction of multiple teenage characters. He uses the incident as an excuse to fulfill his wishes for a grandchild by asking King to enter the tournament with Ryo and Yuri, and be his replacement since Robert cannot enter because of a disaster that took place at his father's company that his presence is required for the issue to be resolved. Vice (バイス, Baisu) and Mature (マチュア, Machua) appear as members of Iori's Team in The King of Fighters '96. The King of Fighters, SNK, military uniform / ハイデルン - pixiv ... pixiv Hoping to hunt down the clan's traitor, Ron, he agrees to enter the tournament with them. being a striker for Joe, Lucky for Andy, and Brian for Terry. Ramon is the only character to speak Spanish in the game, and was created to appeal to the Latin American fanbase. It does not regard humanity as trustworthy with regard to coexisting with the planet without ravaging it, and so seeks to extinguish humanity. Sons of the Empire. [19], Elisabeth Blanctorche (エリザベート・ブラントルシュ, Erizabēto Burantorushu) (spelled "Elisabeth Branctorche" in The King of Fighters XII) is one of three original characters debuting in The King of Fighters XI. A few English monarchs came to the throne from other countries and served in the armies of their home country. Instituted as late as … In The King of Fighters XI, Kyo, Iori, and Shingo enter the tournament together at the convalescent Chizuru's behest (Shingo's presence serving ostensibly to keep Kyo and Iori from being at each other's throats) to stop Ash as the '"Kusanagi & Yagami Team". [71] Her official nickname is The Silent Soldier. The characters from The King of Fighters series were said to be a varied cast by Eurogamer magazine, since the cast includes characters from other SNK games. [27] During the tournament, May Lee surprised the audience and her teammates with her unique taekwondo style and gains much praise. In addition, Momoko's discipline is capoeira, rather than Chinese Martial Arts like her teammates. Geese uses both Krauser and Big as pawns in the tournament, hoping to get the power from the Orochi being, while Krauser only wants to prove their strength, and Mr. Big uses this opportunity to seek out a chance to usurp Geese's empire unbeknownst to him. your own Pins on Pinterest The team originally comprises the Kyokugen karate prodigy Yuri Sakazaki, the ninja Mai Shiranui, and the Muay Thai fighter King. K9999 and Angel mortally injure Foxy in the fight, and waste no time in attacking Kula, but when they are about to defeat her, she is rescued by K′, whose abilities make the attackers flee in an instant. After the tournament was over following NEST's destruction, the Japan team went their separate ways. The name is said to have first been used by South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem to belittle the rebels. As loyal members of Orochi, they continue to gather power for the awakening until they are forced to kill themselves in order to resurrect Orochi through Chris' body, a concept that began early in the game's production. [75] The team includes Chin Gentsai (鎮元斎, ch: Zhèn Yuánzhāi; ja: Chin Gensai), an elderly mentor and master of Psycho Power. [79] In reviews for the first game, IGN praised the main character Kyo Kusanagi as one of the most enjoyable characters to play, remarking on his dynamism and movesets. By denying Saiki passage into the past, Ash forces his own existence being Saiki's descendant to cease, leaving his soul survived to exist without being Saiki's descendant but trapped in time and contained inside one of the two creatures Ash created from his cause known as Verse. His hopes are short-lived, however, as he is defeated by the K' Team. Upon arrival, the criminals encounter Xanadu, a mysterious, enigmatic, infamous and dangerous criminal who through his eccentric yet mesmerizing charisma, reverts Chang and Choi back to their old criminal ways. During the finals, the source was revealed to be Verse. They reside in an airship called "Sky Noah". During the NESTS saga, Jhun Hoon (Korean: 전훈 Jeon Hoon, Japanese: ジョン・フーン Jon Fūn), a childhood friend of Kim and rival, took noticed of Kim's rehabilitation project and after seeing the ethics and methods of training towards Chang and Choi, he decides that he would show Kim a more efficient way of management for the criminals and joins the team as the fourth member for the '99 and 2000 tournaments. Ten years afterwards, Chizuru becomes a very successful and prestigious businesswoman and the owner of Kagura Enterprises. Henry VII had ensured that his nobles still took some interest in the arts of war, encouraging a cult of chivalry and hosting tournaments in which his son was a leading light. During cutscenes in the game, he takes the appearance of a human, very similar to Ash Crimson. [23] Also in ’97, Shingo Yabuki (矢吹 真吾 Yabuki Shingo? In 1996 Saudi Arabia had military cities in the northeast, the King Khalid Military City, at Tabuk, at Dharhran, and at Abha in the southwest. In The King of Fighters XIV, Saisyu Kusanagi (Kyo's father) informs Kyo of a new threat which will cause untold chaos. First appearing in The King of Fighters '94, the original team consisted of Ryo Sakazaki, the heir to Kyokugenryu Karate, Robert Garcia, a wealthy practitioner who is Ryo's best friend and rival, and Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo's father and the founder of Kyokugenryu Karate who trains the students at the dojo, and Ryo and Robert's master. Throughout the later games of the series, there are several changes in the members of the team, as Yuri is sometimes called to join the Art of Fighting team, leading her to be replaced by the heir of the ancient Yata clan Chizuru Kagura and Kasumi Todoh—a young female martial artist who seeks to defeat those who practice Kyokugen karate. [13][63] A clone of Orochi appears as a boss in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum named Mizuchi. Initially, this character was called Syo Kirishima, but late in the production, his name was changed to Kyo Kusanagi. Upon the announcement of the new tournament, the trio enter as the Villains Team with the goal of causing chaos and destruction. She was planned to enter the series in The King of Fighters '96 but was pushed back to The King of Fighters '99 due to Leona's introduction. The musketeers had a strict code of ethics and honor that they lived by and were held to be the noblest and most renown fighters of their day. Like Maxima, she was created as a middle-aged female to contrast the multiple teenage characters in the roster. Since the developers were attached to the idea of the two series cross-over, they eventually agreed to make their idea into a fighting game. [29] He is the former leader to an elite assassination group known as the Flying Brigands—Hizoku (飛賊, Hizoku) Clan in Japanese—and the father to a number of their members, including Duo Lon and Xiao Lon. In The King of Fighters XI, it is revealed that Takuma was not attacked by an assailant but actually, he collapsed due to malnutrition, liver problems, and other health issues. He was designed to be a stylish and earnestly strong boss, though the supervising designer at the time admits, "I think I overdid it a little."[64]. The designer, C.A.C. Maxima was a Canadian soldier who led a normal life until he found out that his comrade-in-arms Rocky was killed in an incident involving NESTS. Comments focused on the lack of improvements in some of the characters, but added that the roster is greatly diverse. Despite not winning the '94 tournament, in their non-canonical ending, Brian returns to football for his fans while Lucky and Heavy D! These two criminals are Chang Koehan (Korean: 장거한 Chang Keo-Han, Japanese: チャン・コーハン Chan Kōhan), a giant and violent man who uses an iron ball and chain and Choi Bounge (Korean: 최번개 Choi Beon-Gae, Japanese: チョイ・ボンゲ Choi Bonge), a sadistic little man who uses Freddy Krueger-esque claws. First appearing in The King of Fighters '94, the original team consisted of Kyo Kusanagi (草薙 京), a high school student who is the heir to the Kusanagi clan wielding pyrokinetic abilities, Benimaru Nikaido (二階堂 紅丸 Nikaidō Benimaru? In The King of Fighters XIII, Terry wanted to catch up and reunite the Fatal Fury team with Andy and Joe once again. Lawrence of Arabia. In the climax of The King of Fighters '97, Kyo, along with his rival Iori Yagami, and Chizuru Kagura, seal away Orochi, saving mankind from destruction. The Ikari Warriors Team is a group of mercenaries that enters in each tournament in the series in order to find well-known criminals and capture them. Depending on the playable characters, Goenitz can be killed by Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi, sealed by Chizuru, or commits suicide at the end of KOF '96.[60]. [57], Since then, both have appeared in the "dream match" games The King of Fighters '98 and The King of Fighters 2002 (games in the King of Fighters series with no canonical connection). HYPEBEAST - Jeff Yeung. Since then, he has had a one-sided infatuation with Vanessa. He was created along with Vanessa, though Seth became the visual model for her. [77] However, his powers are recovered in King of Fighters XI, causing Ron and Misty to take an interest in it, revealing a probable importance of the Dragon Spirit. This team is led by Athena Asamiya, and the two other members are Hinako and Malin. Henry VIII encouraged … Since then, he has become K's steadfast companion and he is often the one who enters both of them into the following tournaments. Information on Duo Lon's design graph revealed he is one of the nine children of Ron, an assassin who chased after his own father. Magaki (禍忌) is the new boss of The King of Fighters XI. It would have used only core characters from the Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury series, specifically allowing players to play Robert Garcia and Terry Bogard for location testing. David's Mighty Warriors (also known as David's Mighty Men or the Gibborim; הַגִּבֹּרִ֛ים ‎ ha-Gibbōrîm, "The Mighty Ones") are a group of 37 men in the Hebrew Bible who fought with King David and are identified in 2 Samuel 23:8–38, part of the "supplementary information" added to the Second Book of Samuel in its final four chapters. With the rise of a new Orochi crisis brought on by Ash Crimson's meddling, they convince Iori to enter the new tournament to settle matters and stop whatever it is Ash has in mind. She initially invites Benimaru Nikaido and Duo Lon to France to form the Rival Team. "Divine Warrior") is one of the members of the Hero Team in The King of Fighters 2003, along with Ash Crimson and Duo Lon. The "rank whilst active" column dictates the rank worn and held whilst the Royal was serving with the armed forces and the "current rank worn" column denotes any rank worn currently (i.e. [47], The South America Team is composed of characters originating from South America. Those From the Past (遙けし彼の地より出る者たち, Harukeshi Ka no Chi yori Izuru Monotachi, lit. A rampant lion, symbolising Belgium, stands on the reverse. Each member had their own reason for entering the tournament. Noticeable examples are K9999 and Zero. Many members of the British Royal Family have seen service in British or other Commonwealth armed forces, others hold honorary ranks or positions. The developers wanted her to contrast Leona who exposes comparatively more skin, while Whip sports less revealing but body-hugging fashions that leave a little more to the imagination. Despite not winning the 2001 tournament, the financial crisis that Robert and his father faced seem to have been resolved as by The King of Fighters 2003, Robert is joyfully wealthy again and enters the tournament with Ryo and Yuri. Geese eventually returns to the tournament in The King of Fighters XIV, hiring his right-hand man Billy Kane and his butler Hein to join him under Billy's request. This was done in order to relate him with the Yamata no Orochi legend, which was used as the inspiration for the first arc (and specifically featured a majestic sword known as Kusanagi no Tsurugi). Mukai reveals that his group had organized the 2003 King of Fighters tournament so that they could break the Orochi seal and give its power to the group's unknown leader. RN and RAF He, along with the Flying Brigands subplot, was created without the entire staff's knowledge, leading to some developers being surprised by his team's ending.[28]. When Takuma (who has made a full recovery) finds out that Yuri is entering the tournament with another team, he, Ryo, and Robert, who now has enough free time away from his father's company, enter the tournament. [42] In The King of Fighters 2001, he appears before Shingo Yabuki and spends a year properly teaching him the Kusanagi fighting style. Takuma takes notice of the ring and Robert's intentions that he hits Robert from behind, which leads to the two men hitting each other without notice while Yuri embarrasses King by telling reporters that she wishes King becomes a part of the family. One night, Goenitz visited their home and destroyed the seal after killing Maki since the Yata Mirror cannot fight Orochi nor Goenitz's strength alone without the aid of the other two clans. Charlemagne - Charlemagne - Military campaigns: The first three decades of Charlemagne’s reign were dominated by military campaigns, which were prompted by a variety of factors: the need to defend his realm against external foes and internal separatists, a desire for conquest and booty, a keen sense of opportunities offered by changing power relationships, and an urge to spread Christianity. The Romans. He also has some degree of cyberpathy. The Real West. Zero (ゼロ) is one of the higher-ranked agents of NESTS. The group is composed of several agents who have different aims, but they all want to become more powerful. In later games, new characters appear, due to the new rule of using four members; these include the agent Blue Mary, the Chinese-American female martial artist Li Xiangfei and the sumo fighter Hinako Shijou (四条 雛子, Shijō Hinako).

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